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The form below, according to your preferences, allows you to: subscribe to our newsletters, participate actively in the campaign, support the initiative for a Basic Income, and / or become a member of our association BIEN-Switzerland and receive our information by mail (if you like).

Whatever your choice, your registration means a lot to us because it demonstrates your interest. It motivates us to move forward and put in the social debate some basic questions about the human value, work and money.

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You can join on our website the Support Committee of the Federal Initiative for a Basic Income. You can mention your activity in the «comments » box.

Our association's goal is the introduction of a basic income. Each additional member is valuable to increase our visibility and our means of action.. You can already become a member, starting from an annual fee of Fr. 20.- (low budget: 20.-, normal: 50.-, supporter: 100.-).
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