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UBI Initiative 2 : Community takeover

A signature collector in the street
Raffael Wüthrich, coordinator, at a collection of signatures in the street

Only half of the signatures for the second federal popular initiative for a UBI have been collected, and there are only four months left to collect the remaining 60'000 signatures. The committee of the initiative "Living with Dignity - For an unconditional, financeable basic income" has therefore decided to change its strategy and to put the fate of the initiative in the hands of the grassroots, the basic income movement, and all the organizations and people who support the UBI. But this will only work if many people take ownership of the initiative and if all forces unite to go and collect the missing signatures in the streets. Everyone who can do so is invited to collect signatures, and spread the word about the collection in their personal circle.

The essential information and possibilities of action concerning this last phase are available on the website of the initiative (DE/FR), and are summarized in the following message of Raffael Wüthrich, the campaign coordinator:

This is what I had in mind: I got well over 200 emails in the last few days! Many of them are positive, some even enthusiastic. But others also think that the basic income vote cannot be won anyway. That's why they hesitate to get more involved in the collection of signatures.

I would like to briefly address this point:

  1. it will not come to a vote for 3-5 years and who knows what the world will look like by then!
  2. only if the collection comes about will we again debate this important issue and shape political discussions.
  3. only then the awareness will grow that an unconditional basic income could solve a lot of problems.
  4. see point 1 smiley

For these reasons and more, it is very important that this collection is successful!

Join the Community Takeover

Quite a few people have also asked me how they can help now. We have three main areas of focus: Collect, Organize/Collaborate, and Donate.

Contribute to make this collection successful.

Click on the corresponding buttons for more information:

It takes the collective effort now. It will be tough. It will be tight. But it will also be colorful, joyful and rewarding. Join the Community Takeover and make history!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Due to the large number of mails, it may take a day or two before you get my answer.

Topmotivated greetings,

ps. Time is running out. It needs your help now! THANK YOU!

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