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Swiss Initiative and the world stands for basic income on the 4th of October!

Let’s all gather in the Swiss capital for this really special day ! Let’s make 4th of October a basic income event for Europe and the world.

The 4th of October will be a major event for the international Basic Income community. The 116'000 signatures collected in Switzerland since April 2012 for the popular initiative for an unconditional basic income will be handed over to the Swiss parliament. It means a lot : within 4 years every Swiss citizen will know the idea of unconditional basic income and have to vote on whether they want or not a basic income. It will be the first time in history that the people of a country can make this choice. Switzerland is showing every country the way towards the introduction of a basic income.

All citizens, journalists and everyone are warmheartedly welcome to join this major event !

Meeting point : Friday, 4th October, at 10 a.m, Bundesplatz 3, in Bern. Signatures will be handed over to the Federal Chancellery at 11 a.m. Then we will have a prepared lunch together and finally a party at 8pm in the «Turnhalle», next to Bern station.

Join the Facebook event! : https://www.facebook.com/events/557424807640024/?fref=ts

The Swiss initiative in detail :
The popular initiative for an unconditional basic income (UBI), which in the view of its supporters should be thought of as a civil right rather than social welfare, was launched in 2012. It aims to have a new clause incorporated into the Swiss constitution that the Confederation “shall ensure the introduction of an unconditional basic income. The basic income shall enable the whole population to live in human dignity and participate in public life. Particularly the law shall regulate the way in which the basic income is to be financed and the level at which it is set.”

The success of the Swiss initiative could be a model for the whole of Europe.

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