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Collective proposal addressed to the Valais Constituent Assembly

Draw me a constitution for the 21st century



The inhabitants of the canton of Valais, the undersigned, ask the Constituent Assembly to include in the future constitution of the canton the following articles:

  1. Every inhabitant of Valais has the right to the indispensable means that allow him to lead a dignified life and participate in public life.
  2. The State ensures the realization of this right through the introduction of an unconditional basic income.

Social protection in force has become inadequate

  • forms of precarious work have emerged, conditions and social contributions are no longer guaranteed
  • the aging of the population and the decrease in years of work threaten the AVS and the 2nd pillar
  • a new class of working poor (precariat) knows the insecurity and passes through the meshes of the social net
  • privacy controls are humiliating for claimants of social benefits
  • with its multiple revisions, the social system has become both overcrowded and insufficient

Universal Basic Income is paid

  • to the entire population regularly established, with an amount sufficient to allow a dignified life
  • to individuals and not to households
  • without taking into account any other element of income or fortune
  • without any obligation to accept a job or to have to justify his incapacity to work
  • without any obligation to provide counterpart

The introduction of the basic income

  • will be done pragmatically, either by a general measure, or gradually, in addition to existing federal social insurance, or by other reforms
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