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New book about the UBI « What is missing when everything is there? »

A new book on the RBI, written by Daniel Häni and Philip Kovce, just released «Was fehlt, wenn alles ist da?» (What is missing when everything is there?)
Why the unconditional basic income raises the good questions.

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The unconditional basic income dramatically raises the question of self-determination of a person: what work would you do if you had no need to earn a living? What do you think you are capable of, and what the others?

Switzerland is the first country to vote on the introduction of a basic income. The dividing line between supporters and opponents escapes the usual divisions: capitalists and socialists, liberals and conservatives, entrepreneurs and union both are passionate about the proposal - and fight. It established new alliances and old breeze. The reason for this is that the unconditional basic income asks the right questions. Reflections Daniel Häni and Philip Kovce provide the tool to bring down this old conceptual wall.

Daniel HaeniDaniel Häni is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the Culture and Coffee house in Basel, the "unternehmen mitte" and member of the Committee of the federal initiative "For an unconditional basic income." It was filed in 2013 successfully thus obtaining a worldwide media coverage.

Philip KvocePhilip Kovce is a researcher at the "Philosophicum» in Basel. He is a Fellow of the "Institute for the Study of the German people" (Studienstiftung des deutsches Volkes), member of the "Think Tank 30" Club of Rome and is a freelance writer for the "Zeit", the "FAZ" and " Süddeutsche Zeitung ".


Specialized book September 2015
Hardback book, 192 pages
Orell Füssli edition, ISBN 978-3-280-05592-2
€ 19,90 (D) | 22,60 (A) | CHF 19.90
E-Book version also available

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