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Does the parlement still represent the people?

Andreas Gross at the National Concil

Andreas Gross at the National Concil

Does the parlement still represent the people?

Dear friend,

While settling for a poor information, the National Council curtly refused to support our initiative, 49% of respondents to a survey Tagesanzeiger whom have declared themselves in favor. So take advantage of federal elections to renew our Parliament with the candidates supporting the RBI and find the necessary means for the people to vote being sufficiently informed.


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The National Council sweeps the initiative after three hours of debate

Vote result

UBI Initiative : 146 against – 14 for – 12 abstentions
(The vote was on a suggestion of rejection)

The National Council rejected the initiative by 146 votes against, 14 for and 12 abstentions, a result that is not surprising considering the novelty of our proposal. The next step is consideration by the Commission on Social Security and Public Health of the States Council Thursday 8 and Friday, 9 October, and the vote by the States (see the attached open letter of information we sent to the Commission). The sessions calendar shows it is entirely plausible that the initiative is submitted to popular vote already in June 2016.

« What is being proposed here is a utopia. Utopia however, is neither an illusion nor a chimera. In view of our debate, I have the feeling that we are in fact totally overwhelmed. And even than what we've become makes us incapable of dealing with utopias. » – Andreas Gross (more extracts from his speech on our website). – Andreas Gross at the National Council (See a more complete excerpt from the speech on our website)

A poll shows 49% of people in favor of Unconditional Basic Income

Poll result

A non-representative survey of Tagesanzeiger / Newsnet indicates that 49% of the 3112 people who took part in favor of the initiative while only 42% are against. When asked what amount should be paid to adults, 35% of people agree with the proposal of initiators in the amount of CHF 2'500, 14% are for an amount between CHF 1000 and 2 '000.-, 7% for an amount between 3'000.- and 4'000.- and 4% did not know (39% are against any idea of independent labor income). You can find answers to other interesting questions on the Tagesanzeiger site.

You will find answers to other interesting questions on the on the website of the Tagesanzeiger (DE).

It is interesting that, unlike our federal parliamentarians have the initiative now enjoys broad popular support. This is not surprising since, as we have seen during the collection of signatures, it meets a genuine aspiration of the people.

Candidate for the federal election supporting the UBI

Remember, Generation RBI invited candidate in the next election to declare their support for the initiative for an RBI. Dozens of them have already responded positively. You want to elect representatives for the RBI? Then, write down quickly in the list the names of the candidates in your district for it (or ask them). The other candidate (s) who wish to support the RBI can still register on the same page. (list Romande)

What is missing when everything is there?

A new book on the RBI, written by Daniel Häni and Philip Kovce, just released «Was fehlt, wenn alles ist da?» (What is missing when everything is there?)
Why the unconditional basic income raises the good questions.

The unconditional basic income dramatically raises the question of self-determination of a person: what work would you do if you had no need to earn a living? What do you think you are capable of, and what the others?

Switzerland is the first country to vote on the introduction of a basic income. The dividing line between supporters and opponents escapes the usual divisions: capitalists and socialists, liberals and conservatives, entrepreneurs and union both are passionate about the proposal - and fight. It established new alliances and old breeze. The reason for this is that the unconditional basic income asks the right questions. Reflections Daniel Häni and Philip Kovce provide the tool to bring down this old conceptual wall.

Last month for the «Sovereign Money» federal initiative

"Did you know that a correction of the current practice of money creation, the current public debt of the federal government, cantons and municipalities could be fully repaid without danger of inflation, in the space of a few years and Switzerland would be the first state of the world not to have debts? "

The federal initiative "Sovereign Money" has been signed by nearly 100,000 people. While this is an entirely different project UBI, there is some paternity them since "all the gains from money creation will only be made available to the community." We therefore propose to people who wish also allow the debate on the creation of money to sign this initiative as soon as possible so that it can be filed shortly with the necessary safety margin.

Do you know a potential benefactor interested in financing the paradigm shift?

Our network of highly motivated activists has recently expanded to the country, but the economic means to allow it to be effective are still missing. A campaign average budget is around Fr. 900,000, with approximately:

Media advertisements350'000.-
Postal mailings250'000.-
Public events100'000.-
Internet ads50'000.-
Communication equipment25'000.-
Miscellaneous costs 25'000.-

As a source of financing, we think of individuals or private foundations that would be happy to put some of their resources available to a step change in the history of mankind. While many generous sources exist, they are usually difficult to access. You have relations with one of them or have an idea to be able to approach it? So, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible by clicking below:

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