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ARTIAS file: Unconditional basic income, the Social Security of the XXIth century


The Association of French and Italian speaking swiss institutions of social action (ARTIAS) published in July a file drafted by Ralph Kundig, President of BIEN-CH: « Unconditional basic income, the Social Security of the XXIth century » (20 pages, French).


« Considered yesterday as utopian, the idea of an unconditional basic income (UBI) is presented by diverse actors of the public life as a solution to the systemic issues of our society today. The Swiss people will be called to vote on a federal popular initiative for the UBI, probably at the end of the next year.

The basic income is an unconditional allowance, paid monthly to every citizen, and sufficient to allow a deserving existence. In Switzerland, almost all the population already gets at least an income of such an amount. The novelty lies in the unconditionality.

The basic income allows a distribution of the employment chosen rather than undergone, makes useless the measures of social control, does not lead threshold effect which discourages the employability and encourages the entrepreneurship. It represents the necessary major social progress for our society today of the XXIth century. »

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