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First representative study on basic income


Human powerpoint in BernCredits: Generation-Grundeinkommen

On January 27th, the day our government announced the date of the referendum, a golden fleet in favor of basic income arrived in Bern. Our activists arrived with a golden Tesla car, golden bikes, rickshaws and toy cars. They revealed the results of the study conducted by Demoscope Research & Marketing, which was conducted on a panel of Swiss citizens in October 2015.

A "Human PowerPoint" has thus debunked one of the main arguments against basic income: laziness. Only 2% the respondents would stop working with the introduction of an unconditional basic income. A mere 8% would consider this option under certain circumstances. 67% think that its introduction would eliminate people's existential fears.

Furthermore: 54% of the respondents would resume their education, 53% would invest more time in helping their loved ones, 40% would invest more time in volunteering for organizations and 22% would want to start a small business. The trends revealed by this study are clear: a basic income for all would guarantee activity, commitment, and entrepreneurship. So let's get rid of our prejudices and let's vote YES on June 5th 2016!

Press release and link to the full press release: initiative-revenudebase.ch (FR)

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