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General Assembly of BIEN-Switzerland

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The ordinary general assembly of BIEN-CH took place:

Saturday, June 7th 2014, 10am

CSP Fraternity room, Place Arlaud 2, 1003 Lausanne

It was followed in the afternoon with a presentation session and animation proposed by Generation-RBI, the Romand action group for the "federal initiative for a basic income" and member of BIEN-CH.

A Canadian buffet was served between two: sandwiches, delicious salads and other home made dishes, the whole accompanied with soft drinks, were shared on the terrasse.

For the friends of Basic Income, the occasion was too good to be missed. They were thus quite a lot at the meeting!

BIEN-CH GA agenda was:

  1. Greeting
  2. Meeting Minutes of General Assembly from June 1st 2013
  3. Annual Activity Report
  4. Presentation of 2013 consolidated annual accounts reports
  5. Budget 2014-2015
  6. Membership Fee 2014-2015
  7. Statuses
  8. Elections
  9. Propositions (to be received by the committee before May 31st)
  10. Open topics

p.s. : Only members with up-to-date membership fee have voted at the general assembly.

Photoshots of the day

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