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Support the 2nd federal initiative for the UBI!

The collection of signatures for the second popular initiative for an unconditional basic income has been going on for a few months. But still too few people are aware of it and the collection is progressing with difficulty.

We would therefore be pleased if you could help us, as far as you are able, to collect signatures. Hence the following requests: [+]

UBI pilot in Geneva: BIEN.CH invited to a hearing by the parliamentary Economics Commission

Grand Council - Economic Commission - Members present
Grand Council - Economic Commission - Members present

Mr. Ralph Kundig and Mr. Gabriel Barta, respectively President and Vice-president of BIEN Switzerland, were interviewed on 22 November 2021 by the Economics Commission of the Grand Conseil of Geneva. This committee is currently examining the proposed motion, “A pilot experiment of unconditional basic income (UBI) in Geneva”. The hearing, which lasted nearly two hours, was divided into two phases: a visual presentation (FR) of the project explained (FR) by Mr. Kundig, followed by a discussion. [+]

UBI federal popular initiative II


Launch press conference

Five years after the historic vote in Switzerland in 2016 on the introduction of an unconditional basic income, an independent committee launched a second popular initiative on 21 September 2021. The aim of the initiative, entitled “Living in dignity - For an unconditional, financeable basic income”, is to guarantee a means of subsistence for all people living in Switzerland, to realize the basic human right to lead a dignified and self-determined life, and to enable everyone to benefit fairly from the achievements of the national economy. [+]

Guy-Oliver Segond, ancien Président du Conseil d'État pro RBI nous a quitté


Guy-Olivier Segond

Guy-Oliver Segond, ancien Président du Conseil d'État et Conseiller national de Genève du Parti radical, GOS pour ses intimes, s'est éteint jeudi 12 novembre à l'âge de 75 ans. Nous aimerions ajouter notre voix à l'hommage unanime de la communauté genevoise à ce Conseiller d'État visionnaire au courage politique peu égalé.

Il a été le père du feu RMCAS, le Revenu minimum cantonal d'action social, un pas en direction de l'idée du revenu universel ou RBI, et dont l'idée, 8 ans après sa disparition en 2012 (orchestrée par son successeur, François Longchamp), revient en force aujourd'hui. Cela alors que l'Hospice général qui dispense l'action sociale à Genève, complètement débordé, est obligé d'abandonner l'application des multiples conditions complexes des lois sociales qui lui ont succédé. [+]

Unconditional Basic Income: Beyond the Great Confusion


Looking at the UBI in economic terms means thinking further than "helicopter money", it is the reform that we need the most.

Photo : Jean-Marc (CC)

In his article, Jean-Daniel Delley (DP 2289) points out that the idea of an unconditional basic income (UBI) is gaining new traction. Indeed, the economic and social crisis resulting from the pandemic has highlighted the need for a minimum income floor.

Unfortunately, the confusion around the concept of a UBI is as widespread as the prejudice and resistance to radical economic and social innovation. The UBI is not social security reform.

It comes before the redistribution of income received by workers and capital holders: it concerns the "primary distribution" or "primary income distribution". It is therefore a reform of the economic system. [+]

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