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Success for the European Citizens' Initiative: €15,000 collected in two days!

Campaign launching

The campaign of participative financing of the European movement for a basic income started on November 7th. In two days it already overtook the objective fixed by 15'000€. It still lasts until November 21st.

European Citizens' Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income (www.basicincome2013.eu) proposes a new form of total social security for all citizens. It aims to eradicate poverty, protect people from the consequences of un(der)employment and recognize the essential labor which happens outside the market. Our goal is to collect 1 million signatures by January 2014 to force the European Commission to do research into the policy and organise an official hearing about basic income in the European Parliament. [+]

Citizen’s initiative formally accepted

Header of the Federal Chancellery letter

Today November 8, 2013, the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland announced that the citizen’s initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income has been formally accepted. It stated that after the validation of the signatures on 4 October, 126,408 valid signatures were submitted. Thus, the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland confirms formally: There will be a national referendum on Unconditional Basic Income.

What's next now? The Federal Council will consider Basic Income and prepare a report on it. This will take about one year. Afterwards there will be a debate in the parliament. The national referendum will follow in two to three years.

The question is: Should each person in the country receive the financial basis for a living unconditionally?

Enno Schmidt & Daniel Straub [+]

Sign the European Citizens' Initiative!


Swiss Initiative and the world stands for basic income on the 4th of October!


Generalversammlung Einladung / Invitation Assemblée Générale - 2013

Invitation pour l’Assemblée Générale 2013 de l’Association BIEN-Suisse Einladung zur Generalversammlung 2013 des Vereins BIEN-Schweiz

Samedi 1 juin, 10.00 heures / Samstag, 1. Juni, 10.00 Uhr
Lausanne, WWF, rue Dickens 6

AG [+]

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