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We the Swiss, calling on the world!

flyer foreverWe did it! Did you hear about it? Did you see the picture of the 8 million 5-cent coins on the ground in front of Swiss parliament ? Did you read one of the hundreds of articles about it ?

Here we are, Swiss basic income activists with the whole world watching and listening. It gives me the shivers. It makes me shiver that a bunch of crazy people can suddenly attract the entire worlds eye. It makes me shiver that faith is so powerful. That's right, when you believe in something, you have the power to make it real. We human beings, are powerful if we don't let our doubts be the master of the game.

In Switzerland, we will vote on basic income! We have a very special thing here which is called: Direct Democracy. It means that a group of citizens can propose a law to be voted on by all citizens, if they succeed to collect more than 100,000 signatures. That's what is happening right now in Switzerland with basic income. 126,000 signatures have been collected!



Some kind of a revolution… Earth shattering. In two or three years time, Swiss citizens will vote on basic income. They will be the first citizens in the whole world to be asked this powerful question; do you want a basic income? Do you want everyone to have their needs met without condition?

collectors around tableCan you imagine that for almost a year and a half, we, a bunch of average people (not political parties) were on the streets collecting signatures? Whether it was cold, hot, snowy, there we were, with our petition in hand, listening to people, watching their eyes glowing with wonder and surprise, or even full of doubts. We were there, all volunteers, simply for the sake of freedom, the happiness to share, the faith in humanity, convinced that our society needs to change, convinced that it is possible if each of us does their part. We were there, because the idea of  basic income  is not about money, it is about life, about what is really important for you, for me, as human beings. When I ask someone if they want basic income, what I really ask them is; how do you really want to live your life, what is important to you, what gives meaning to your life? What would you do if you could choose? Such powerful questions, that we cant often ask!

kid playing on coinsWhat now? We know it, we will vote on basic income. We have made the first step. Now we begin a new chapter. And this is not the story of Switzerland anymore. This is the story of YOU and ME, us ALL, humanity. We all share the same planet, the same blood runs throughout our veins. Making our voice heard, ensuring that everyone can live as a free human beings, able to choose one's life ; don't we all want these things? So, what must we do? We have to stand up! However we can, stand up, and spread the word, believe that WE are powerful. We must understand that every drop fills the ocean.

We, Swiss activists supporting this idea, are conscious that we are watched by the whole world, especially after the media coverage of October 4th! We now know that we can make a difference, not only in Switzerland, but also in the whole world by showing what is possible! We are paving the way towards basic income. We are conscious that a monumental challenge is in front of us! And all of the work involved… so that 50% of the Swiss people vote for basic income.

We need you people! Help us make this difference! We need you to support us to make it possible.



If you are a member of one of the EU countries don't forget to sign the European Citizen Initiative.


Thank you

Thank you. The world is watching.

Yes Curt good idea! For the

Yes Curt good idea!
For the moment there is also a Citizens' initiative in Europe that every member of the EU can sign on www.basicincome2013.eu

I encourage you to launch such an international petition! It is up to all of us to make basic income part of the solution to the crisis :) Let's speak about it, let's share it, let's live it.

Even Max Keiser comes to it! Good news, isn't it?

Very inspring.  Let's hope

Very inspring.  Let's hope the referendum succeeds and that the idea gains purchase among other progressive nations. 


As a resident of the Anglosphere, in which social policy tends to be informed more by spite than compassion, I won't be holding my breath here.

brilliant , love to see this

brilliant , love to see this everywhere and share our world like a real lving community!



I'm so proud of you! Now it's time to ask everyone else in the world. We are aware that we have the means, the resources to make it possible. This is the first big step towards a new society based on trust, cooperation and thrive!! Let's rock ;)

Petition for the rest of us?

You should set up a petition for the rest of the world to sign, so we can show our support for what you are doing!  Sure, it won't have any legal value, but it will allow the rest of the world to show that we care and think what you are doing is important!